Friday, April 20, 2012

Prayer of St. Francis regarding Humility

Let the whole of mankind tremble     
    the whole world shake     
    and the heavens exult 
when Christ, the Son of the living God,     
    is [present] on the altar     
    in the hands of a priest.
O admirable heights and sublime lowliness!
O sublime humility!
O humble sublimity!
That the Lord of the universe,     
    God and the Son of God,
so humbles Himself 
that for our salvation
He hides Himself under the little form of bread!
Look, brothers, at the humility of God
and pour out your hearts before Him!
Humble yourselves, as well,     
    that you may be exalted by Him.
    hold back nothing of yourselves for yourselves 
so that
He Who gives Himself totally to you     
    may receive you totally.

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