Monday, January 22, 2007

Only I can do that!

Last week the dry cleaners cleaned the clothes, Steve shampooed the carpets, the gardeners mowed the lawn, but when it came to worship, only I could worship God for me. No one else could do it—not the worship team, the choir, or orchestra. Only I could worship God for me. Somethings, only we can do ourselves. Personal worship like our personal salvation is one of them. The psalmist in Psalm 145:1 wrote "I will exalt my God, my King." He was intent on doing the thing only he could do for God. Prayerfully, we'll not attempt to hand off our worship to others! If we do, we'll only fumble the ball in trying. A fumbled ball usually impedes forward progress.

His for The Journey!

McManus "Crazy like Jesus" message

First of all the correct title is: "A Crazy Idea." If you had trouble listening to the Erwin McManus message, you can go to itunes and download the message from (Erwin McManus) It was delivered on 12/31/06. Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"A Crazy Idea" message by Erwin McManus

You must listen to Erwin McManus's message from this past Sunday (12/31/06). The title is "A Crazy Idea." It's a call for the church to live "crazy" like Jesus! Here is how to listen: Once there click on the play button, you can listen directly from your browser. Through iTunes you can subscribe to Mosaic's (name of his church in Los Angeles) weekly podcast.

Please let me know what you think about it.

His for The Journey!
Ps Doug